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Phone Interview Tips

The phone interview is an integral part of the employee hiring process. it can determine if a potential employee is going to be called for a formal interview. Have you had a recent phone interview? Many employers with multiple applicants will use the tool of the phone interview as a way to screen potential applicants with a series of questions that will determine the three to five best candidates that are suitable for the position which is being filled.

Here are some tips that you can use to make your phone interview an instant success and get the invitation to the formal interview.

Be Prepared
If you have recently been sending your resume out to gauge the state of the job market than be prepared to hear from potential employers. Awake earlier in the morning to answer the phone when offices begin to open. One of the worst things that you can do is sound groggy and not-alert when answering the phone. This can lead to the employer forming a bad first impression. Have a pen or pencil ready with paper to note down information regarding addresses etc if you are asked to come into the office for a formal interview.

Choose a Quiet Area
Choosing a quiet area is essential when preparing for a job interview. Do not answer the phone when you are in a noise filled environment. Turn off the radio, television or any other background noises that may be in the room. If necessary, ask the person to hold for a moment and then find a quiet space. It is important to be able to speak freely without any noise or interruptions from children. Leave the room to get the best results that allow you to focus during the phone interview.

Be Focused
It is important to focus on the conversation and hear what the person is telling you. You can use the pen or pencil with the paper to take notes during the conversation. It is important to be attentive and sound interested in the opportunity while sounding positive and demonstrating your polite phone manner. Focusing on the person answering the phone and taking part in the conversation could mean the difference of obtaining those vital signals which are sometimes missed especially when having a conversation over the phone.

Ensure that All information has Been Obtained Accurately
Having the right information could mean the difference of being late for the job interview, or even showing up at the right place! Imagine if you were distracted during the phone interview and not prepared to answer questions If you are flustered and unable to get the right information it does not look good for your credibility. Repeating information back to the interviewer such as the date and time of the interview as well as the location and the person that you will be interviewing mirrors the behavior and demonstrates that you have been listening and attentive through the entire conversation.

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