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Job Interview Follow Up

Have you recently gone for an interview and are wondering about the follow up that should occur? For those people that have recently finished a job interview, here is the proper follow up that should occur after a job interview has been completed who knows, it could help you to increase the great first impression and nail the job!

The Thank you Letter
A great follow up for an interview is a small thank you note written to the employer which will thank the employer for the time that they have spent with you during the job interview. The thank-you letter should include contact information and welcome a follow up from the employer at their convenience. Many job hunters fail to write this thank-you letter which can create a large effect from such a small gesture.

The thank you letter should be hand written, never typewritten or written on a computer. It is best written on a small note card that can make a great impression to follow up on a great interview.

The Follow up Phone Call
A follow up phone call to the company is often seen as an inconvenience. However, there are proper ways to make this phone call to obtain the information without disturbing the potential employer and ruining your chances of being called back for a second interview or even to be offered the job.

Simply phoning to ask if the position has been filled is an effective way that can lead to an answer as well, you can avoid waiting by the phone to hear from the company. This information can be obtained from the front desk, or you can simply leave your number to gain the information in a return phone call.

These methods can be used with success when following up on a job interview. Unfortunately, many interviewers state that they will only contact potential applicants that are going onward towards the next level. This may be a second interview, testing or even a job offer. If you are not one of these select few, or even the one than you may not be contacted from the company to come back into the office. The important thing is not to get discouraged keep going with your job search to find a position that is best for you. In time, you will have success at a job that you love!

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