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Common Job Interview Questions

There are certain questions that are asked at nearly every job interview. Knowing the right way to answer these questions can make the difference in a successful or not successful interview. To prepare, simply have a friend or family member, or rehearse out loud with yourself and the mirror to practice these common questions. Be sure to avoid sounding rehearsed when answering the questions as this can lead to the potential employer questioning if the answers are genuine.

Here are some common questions and tips to keep in mind when answering them.

What are some of your weaknesses?
Although it is important to be honest when answering these questions it truly makes a difference in the manner that the question is answered. Be sure to answer honestly about any weaknesses and then outline the measures that have been taken to improve in these areas. This can offset the answer while demonstrating to the employer that you are taking the initiative to improve any weaknesses that affect your work. Compliment these weaknesses with some strength that have the ability to set you apart from the competition. Be sure to speak in the terms of how you have been able to improve these weaknesses through the process of learning in the workplace.

Why did you leave your Last Job?
Whatever the reasons for leaving your last job, it is important to be honest with the employer about the reasons for leaving the last position that you have held. Why does the employer ask this question through the interview process to potential applicants? The answer to this question can hold the behaviors that may come from past jobs that may be parts of the working history and could be demonstrated in this job. It is important to speak of past positions positively as negative words about the past employer can lead to ill feelings on the part of the interviewer.

What Kind of Work Environment do you wish to work in?
Employers have a feeling of their work environment and ask this question to determine how you will fit into the office. What types of environments have you worked in? If the majority of the work in the office is completed in a cubicle and you are used to working on your own, at home are you going to be able to successfully make the adjustment to the office environment? Employers can seek cues from your answers to this and other types of question to make the judgment whether you are going to fit into the company.

The trick is to be prepared for these common questions that come up during job interviews. Job interviews are one of the first of many tests that come with a job and need to be passed with flying colors to establish that you are indeed the best candidate for the job. If you are able to provide answers that can lead the interviewer to have this rapport established and secure with the feeling that you can fit in with the environment than you can easily ace the interview. Using these tips you can be sure to be prepared and put your best foot forward.

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