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How to Answer Job Interview Questions

Questions are an important part of the job interview; they allow the employer to determine if you are indeed a good fit for the company and the environment in which the company is run. There are many standard job interview questions that employers choose to take advantage of, with the occasional creative question used to gauge the on-the-spot thinking skills of the potential employee to determine if they are a good fit for the environment.

Use these tips when answering job interview questions to ace the job interview and get the job!

Take a moment to think About Your Answers
Taking a short moment to think about the answer that you are going to provide to a question that has just been asked can help to narrow down the answer. Think about the answer in parts, if there are two parts to the question be sure to answer one part of the question at a time. When you feel yourself going off track, the question has more than likely been answered. Take this time to pause or allow the employer to follow up with a different question.

Keep answers to a maximum of one minute long
if you are able to keep answers to a maximum of one to two minutes long it can ensure that the interview will flow. Be sure to look for cues from the employer that can determine when the answer has been answered. Keeping answers longer than this could lead to the interviewer feeling like you are rambling and avoiding parts of the question.

Keep answers concise and answer the Question
It is easy to go off track and realize that you have not answered the question; using the above tips like thinking about your answer and using a time limit can ensure that you stay on track through the process of answering the questions that are asked by the employer. Keep your answer short and be sure that it answers the question that has been asked. Don't be vague when answering questions. Highlight your answers with pauses and enthusiasm when you speak to keep the potential employer interested.

Look for Cues from the Interviewer
Body language can be an important part of the interview process. The employer uses body language and the interviewee can often mirror this body language to establish a rapport between the person conducting the interview and the person that is interviewing for the position. Cues can lead the interview to the places to answer those hard questions. Be sure to keep your body language open and look for signs like agreeing and nodding while you are answering the questions. If this is happening, than you know that you are going in the right direction.

Job interview questions can be a breeze when you know how to answer. Use a mirror, friend or family member to practice common interview questions with to allow you to think on your feet, easily.

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